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Orange County Protests' Community Coalition


Mission Statement

Orange County Protests’ Community Coalition is a horizontally structured grassroots organization dedicated to promoting our goals of abolition and liberation of all colonized people through demonstrations, mutual aid, civic engagement, political education, community safety and legal advocacy. This work is done alongside several incredible collectives and organizations within our community who share our values and goals. We are committed to using radical love and unity to bring positive change and liberation to our communities.

Vision Statement

OCPCC believes that protest is any form of rebellion against an oppressive system. Mutual aids are protests against imperialism, civic engagement of BIPOC people and policy advocacy are protests against our current political structures. Some of the most important protests are those that take place off of the streets and inside courthouses, inside our neighborhoods and within our communities and it is our duty to participate in all aspects of protest. We are committed to fueling and facilitating all forms of protest through direct action within and outside of our communities. Our goal is to engage in all forms of systemic rebellion by creating Black and BIPOC spaces throughout Orange County and beyond. 

Core Values

Orange County Protests Community Coalition is a grassroots organization run by BIPOC women who are dedicated to fighting for racial and social equity within Orange County. It is crucial that as we continue to fight for justice, we outline our core values, beliefs, and desires moving forward. Our priorities are to promote all of these things within our community.

We are Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Capitalist

We believe in Decolonization and Reparations for all Black and Indigenous peoples

We believe in the Radical Unity of all colonized peoples

We believe in the peoples right to Self-Determination and  Self-Defense

We are Anti-Patriarchal and Anti-White Supremacy

We believe in Abolition and Transformative Justice

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